How do I buy the courses?

You can find out more information on Jessica’s available courses and programs, including how to register or purchase, by visiting this page:

Where do I log in?

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How do I access the courses?

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I forgot my password/username.

Visit the login page. Click “Forgot Your Password” and enter your email address. Instructions on resetting your password will be emailed to you. If you have any trouble, email

Why don’t I see any content when I log in?

If you have logged in but do not see any content on the main page, you do not yet have access to this area. If you believe you should have access, contact

I don’t see the videos. / I have no audio. / I am experiencing other technical issues.

This is a video-based course and requires updated systems to run properly. Please check to make sure your computer, browser, and Adobe flash player are up to date. If you need to install or update a flash player, you can do so here:

The website or video playback seems slow or choppy.

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Why do some items on the website seem to display or function incorrectly?

While we have tested the website across multiple browsers, your experience will be the best when your Web browser is updated to the latest available version. Also, please ensure your computer has run all available updates to its operating system.

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